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Meet our staff

Mr. Coombs


Mr. Coombs is the Headteacher and holds responsibility for whole school assessment. He is also an associate Governor and Chesil link Governor.

In his spare time he enjoys all sports, especially football, and supports (what he believes to be) the best English team in Europe – Liverpool!


Miss Garrard

Miss Garrard  is EYFS leader. She has been teaching at St George’s since 2002. She thinks it’s an amazing place to work. She has a daughter, and a hamster called Sausage. She likes to Zumba, read on rainy days and cycle on sunny days. Miss Garrard works with Mrs. Ingram and Mrs. Whiles.

Mrs. Holmes

Mrs. Holmes joined St. George's in the Summer this year (2023) and teaches full time in the EYFS. She is the Science leader. Mrs. Holmes has recently joined St Georges. She moved from South East London in June 2022 and is enjoying life by the sea with her family! She enjoys reading and visiting new places around Dorset with her little boy.

Mrs. Holmes works with Miss Bedford and Miss Mintern.

Year 1

Mr. Wilson

 Mr. Wilson joined us in 2014 after teaching in Wales for four years. He is a full time Year 1 Teacher with a responsibility of leading Computing, E-Safety and Class Dojo throughout the school. In his spare time he enjoys spending time with his two children, cooking and a variety of sports. He is a supporter of, what he thinks is, the best team in Europe – Manchester United. Mr. Wilson works with Mrs. Heals- Taylor.

Mrs. Burdett

 Mrs. Burdett is a part time teacher working in Year 1. She is responsible for leading P.S.H.E. across the whole school. Mrs. Burdett works with Mrs. Rowe.

Mrs. Russell

 Mrs. Russell works for two and a half days a week in Year 1.  She loves reading and is one of our Phonic Champions in the school.  Mrs. Russell runs Library Club. She is an Early Years specialist with a particular interest in play based learning.  As Phonic lead she is passionate about the teaching and enjoyment of reading . You might spot her in her role at Portland Library too! Mrs. Russell works with Mrs. Rowe.

Year 2

Mr. Counter


Mr. Counter teaches full-time in Year 2. He is the school Art Co-ordinator as well as being an avid sports enthusiast. He plays for local team Portland Town FC where he is currently the club’s leading goal scorer. Other hobbies of Mr. Counter’s include reading, travelling, snooker, basketball and cooking. Mr Counter works with Mrs. Mutter and Mrs. Baker.

Ms. Shirley


Ms. Shirley teaches full-time in Year 2 and is responsible for D.T. Ms. Shirley works with Mrs. Mcleish.

Year 3

Mr. Taylor


Mr. Taylor joined the school in September 2013. He is a keen musician and leads Music for the whole school .

In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his two children and performing in his band.

Mr. Taylor works with Mrs. Wills

Mrs. Wright


Mrs. Wright joined our team in September 2010. She teaches in Year 3 and is Phase 3 and 4 Leader. She loves teaching every Subject but especially P.E. and Computing.

In her spare time Mrs. Wright enjoys swimming and spending time in the great outdoors.

Mrs. Wright works with Mrs. Lacey.

Mr. Goble


Mr. Goble joined our staff team in September, 2014. He teaches in Year 3 and is the leader of Geography.

Mr. Goble works with Mrs. Lacey.

Year 4

Mr. Greet

Mr. Greet is the History leader and has taught in both Key Stages one and two.
Mr. Greet plays the piano and accordion. He enjoys the opportunity to play in singing assemblies and other school events.  
Mr. Greet works with Mrs. Pope.

Mrs. Burn


Mrs. Burn currently teaches full time in Year 4. She has shared responsibility for leading English across the school with a specific focus on early reading and phonics.

In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her 2 daughters, enjoying the great outdoors and meeting friends.

Mrs. Burn works with Mrs. Bool

Year 5

Mrs. Roberts

Mrs. Roberts is a Maths Specialist Teacher and is responsible for leading this subject across the whole school. She is a member of the Senior Leadership Team. Mrs. Roberts runs the school Chess Club. Mrs. Roberts enjoys walking her two dogs all over the island.

Mrs. Roberts works with Mrs. Biggs

Mr. Carter

Mr. Carter is a Year 5 teacher. He has been with the school for 11 years and has worked in different KS2 year groups. Mr. Carter has recently changed subject leadership and is now in charge of M.F.L. He is a keen traveller and follows the greatest team in any land: Wolverhampton Wanderers FC.

Mr. Carter works with Mrs. Wilson

Mrs. Sales

Mrs. Sales teaches full time and is the Religious Education Leader for the school.

She has two daughters and two granddaughters.

Mrs. Sales is a real life strictly dancer as she currently holds the title of 'over 50's ballroom champion'!

Mrs. Sales will be running an after school dance club, where she will share her passion.

Mrs. Sales works with Mrs. Craft

Year 6

Mrs. Restorick


Mrs. Restorick joined Tophill Junior School in September 1999 and remained as a Year 6 Teacher and Year Leader when the infant and junior schools amalgamated in 2006. She is English subject leader and also a member of the Senior Leadership Team with a responsibility for working with and supporting Newly Qualified Teachers who join St George’s.

Mrs. Restorick works with Mrs. Souster

Mr. Barter


Mr. Barter joined us in September 2013. He is currently teaching in Year 6 alongside Mrs. Restorick and Mr Carter.  Mr. Barter previously worked in Poole, working with years 3 and 4.   Mr. Barter is a manic rugby fan, supporting the mighty Bath.  Mr. Barter previously played semi-professional rugby for Bournemouth and holds a black belt in E.C.K.A. karate. His true passion however is mountains; having scaled the highest summits in Britain alongside Ireland, Morocco, Austria, France, Russia and Switzerland. Mr. Barter has a young family and enjoys spending time developing his son’s academic abilities. 

Mr. Barter works with Mrs. Porter



Mrs. Mullender


Mrs. Mullender has been teaching music at St. George's and across schools in Dorset since 2004. She enjoys all things musical including singing and playing the clarinet, saxophone and piano. In her free time she likes cooking, gardening (when the sun is out!) and travel.

She loves working on class music and performance with the talented children at St George's!

Mrs. Bowman


Mrs. Bowman joined St George’s in April 2016 and is SENCO, Growth Mindset Champion and Senior Mental Health Lead. She is also part of the Senior Leadership Team and is responsible for supporting and overseeing our wonderful teaching assistants.

She has taught across EYFS,KS1 and KS2 .

Outside of school she enjoys spending time with family and friends.

Mrs. Barnes


Mrs. Barnes is our Parent Support Adviser.  She works Monday, Thursday and Friday.  Please contact her via the school office or find her on the playground before and after school, if you and your family require support, at home or in school.


Other Staff Members

SEND                                                                             Mrs. E Bowman

Senior TA (SEND)                                                       Mrs. N Barker

Peripatetic Tuition and PPA                                    Mrs. H Mullender

Parent Support Advisor                                           Mrs. S Barnes                                         

SEND TA                                                                      Mrs. K Wilson

HLTA                                                                             Mr. R Lock

HLTA                                                                             Mrs. K Baker                                                                           

STA                                                                               Mrs. P Mutter

Headteacher’s P.A.                                                  Mrs. K. Hughes

Deputy Headteacher’s P.A/SLT P.A                       Mrs. G. Legg

Business Manager                                                   Mrs. G. Mintern

Admin Officer/Attendance                                    Mrs. L. Flavell

Admin Officer/Attendance                                    Miss. I Legg             

Site Manager                                                            Mr. M. Mintern

Groundsman                                                            Mr. J Stone

IT System Manager                                                 Mr. C. Britton

Senior Midday Supervisor/Assistant Cook        Mrs. L Shorey

Assistant Cook                                                         Mrs. N Gilford

Teacher ( Currently on Maternity Leave)          Mrs. Francis- Mitchell